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Use The Best (LED Corn Bulbs) For Outdoor Lighting

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Today we all are familiar with the LED corn bulbs that provide 360-degree and therefore have become the most preferred choice lighting choice at the outdoor lighting. These Corn Bulbs are much powerful than the normal bulbs and can be used at many places and out of many bulbs, you can use 20W LED Corn Bulbs that can replace more energy-consuming metal halide (MH) fixtures.

Advantages of using LED Corn Bulbs are as follows:

● These LED Bulbs are IP64-rated and you can use them at the outdoor places such as building entrance and the backyard as well.
● You will get UL-listed and DLC-certified Corn Bulbs that will give you additional rebate incentives as well.
● These Bulbs produce 2300 lumens with a color temperature of 5700K; you can replace a 100W metal-halide bulb with this corn bulb to save 80 watts of energy.
● Also, the higher CRI of more than 80 will allow you to showcase the displayed items with more clarity. These corn bulbs are ideal for warehouse and garage.
● This corn bulb comes with an E26 base that can make convenient retrofitting in existing fixtures with E26 sockets. Also, the excellent Heat Dissipation technology provides maximum heat dissipation for at least 6 years, even you can use them for 24 hours as well.
● Get 5 Years Manufacturer’s Warranty on buying these lights that will give you more satisfactory experience and DLC certificate will allow you to get necessary rebates from the power companies as well.

So use these LED Corn Bulb that will give you energy-savings of more than 75% and hence you will need to pay lower utility bill as well for at least 50,000 hours that’s the lifespan of these eco-friendly lights.

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