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User: DMSGroup
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DMS Group is your trusted source in Technology Consulting and Managed Services. BizTalk Migrator enables the clients to both own and control the use, collection, and distribution of their data. Hence, companies only have to pay for the IT resources that they actually need in this system. Millions of users and developers rely on BizTalk Migrator service provided the company. Azure has started the pay-as-you-go services. This can quickly scale up or down to match the ongoing demand. DMS Group is a privately owned Technology Consulting Services business formed in 2010. Today we’re proud to boast a strong team of technology consultants who thrive on rolling up their sleeves and solving your complex problems and thriving to meet your business needs. Azure works on word wide network and so the clients are using the services globally. BizTalk Application Migration
What it can do

Successfully migrate the FTP/File Mover scenario (used by over 80% of BizTalk customers).
Successfully migrate a simple HTTP request-response scenario.
Build a complete model of a BizTalk application, using Enterprise Patterns.
It will convert as much as it can allowing for the manual conversion the remaining artifacts.
Produce a BizTalk Migration Report of the found BizTalk artifacts and what can be migrated

DMS Group has the expertise and resources required to design, develop and manage the highly available and highly secure technology platform that you need, giving you the time and confidence to focus on running your business. Make smarter decisions as BizTalk Migration Report allows you to make smarter decisions, discover new business possibilities from your organized or unstructured and flowing Internet of Things data and improve customer service with its predictive analytics services which includes Analytics and Stream Analytics, machine learning. These features help an organization in redefining its business intelligence. We have a high volume transactional environment. DMS is our technology partner for BizTalk Managed Services. It is refreshing to be able to work with a professional team. Look no further, these guys are the experts.

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